The Imprint approach: Catering to the Gen Z and Gen Y customers

3 min readJan 25, 2022


In the contemporary business world, customer engagement is a very important term. Customer engagement forms the base of any venture irrespective of the size or the industry. However, the word has received so much attention that often the meaning of the word is misinterpreted.

Customer engagement refers to the on-going interaction between a venture and the customer. It largely depends on the customer preferences and behavior. It is important to strengthen customer engagement by actively interacting with your customers,be it existing or prospective. The communication should be balanced, meaningful, informative and it should be focused towards anticipating the needs of the customers and catering to them.

The Imprint approach

At Imprint, the value of customer engagement is well understood. We practice as well as facilitate customer engagement keeping in mind the current Gen Z and the Gen Y customers. The society, the market and people, everything is dynamic. This is why our infrastructure is AI-ML powered to provide this on-the-move generation a holistic workforce automation. With Imprint, you can save time and focus on the actual task. The richness of features is what makes Imprint stand out. Now let us consider the features of Imprint that helps keep up with the Gen Z and Gen Y customers.

Imprint’s social media fetch: For the generation on-the-go.

One thing that we know about the Gen Z and the Gen Y customers is their lack of time and versatile workload. Whether it is a start-up owner, a field agent or a business manager, we got the social media fetch! Customer engagement becomes all the more difficult when one needs to research about a customer’s social media and acquire data. With Imprint’s social media fetch, all the information regarding the social handles of an individual can be fetched in the app making workforce management all the more convenient. With Imprint, one can be better equipped with all the requisite information regarding a client beforehand and be better prepared to handle important meetings and daily client visits.

Smart cross platform communication for the smarter generation!

When it comes to the Gen Z and the Gen Y customers, they rely on everything smart. Starting from smartphones to smart television then why not make cross platform communication smarter? With Imprint’s smart e-mail tracking and cross platform communication, it is ensured that the interactions of the existing consumers as well as the prospective consumers are captured from all possible messengers and communication mediums. In this way no leads are lost, providing a response becomes convenient and the conversations remain accessible for audits as well as future reference. This feature, now, is advanced and more prominent. With the new update of Imprint’s cross platform communication, all the messages of a consumer across all the social handles will be available on the agent/manager dashboard, and client queries/tickets would be allotted to available agents automatically.

With this update, responding to clients and keeping a tap on all of their socials become easier and more effective. Not only does this allow smarter communication but it also allows better preparation prior to client visits or interactions.

Work files automation in itself is a futuristic approach, with that idea and dynamicity Imprint is the future. The smarter workforce management solution for a smarter and faster generation.




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