n this rapidly changing world, IIT/IIM alumni who are passionate about leveraging technology to address real problems for their clients create the Delaware-based SaaS product firm IMPRINT AI LLC. Our cutting-edge tracking systems go well beyond simple coordinate tracing and offer clever modules that make the lives of business managers easier through attendance monitoring, expenditure management, and document digitization.


Our team also provid

Ies video-based solutions like DialTM that help manage personal and professional lives just like in a pre-Covid world. These solutions help businesses and individuals in a pandemic-affected world find solutions to their problems. What distinguishes us from the competition is our use of smarter, safer, simpler, and more cost-effective technologies. A “digital” world that never loses its “human” touch is what we envision!

Discover the Team

The team’s visionaries, planners, and tech experts transform brilliant concepts into workable solutions.

Sonal Malhotra, CEO

Sonal is an experienced expert with knowledge of all facets of a startup, including invention, business analysis, business development, and account and contract administration. She is able to lead the business to new heights thanks to her keen observations and in-depth comprehension of the dynamic global business trends. She is naturally ambitious and a results-oriented company development expert with a track record of success in producing additional income and profits.

Sunita Choudhary, CIO

Due to her more than 17 years of experience in product development, Sunity contributes to the organisation invaluable technological expertise. She has worked extensively in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Belgium, which has considerably enriched her. She leads the company’s major technical activities and initiatives and has a strong passion for innovation and technology. Her 11-year tenure with Finacle and other teams at Infosys Technologies adds solid product development expertise, extensive programme management knowledge, and process awareness to her technical resume.

Co-Owner, Abhijeet Singh

For more than 15 years, Abhijeet has worked in the financial sector. He has a sharp eye for technologies that boost productivity in the workplace and efficiency. Abhijeet created tools and solutions to take advantage of market inefficiencies that he discovered while working in the financial markets. He also identified several market inefficiencies. IIT Kanpur’s B-Tech programme and the London School of Economics’ Master of Finance programme are both held by Abhijeet.

Mentoring by Mahendra Pratap

Mahendra has a passion for coming up with fresh ideas and nurturing them so they can grow into profitable business ventures. He coaches several other business owners in addition to being a serial entrepreneur who enjoys communicating with creative thinkers. He holds a B. Tech from IIT Kanpur and has over 20 years of experience in the industry, working with prestigious companies at various leadership levels.

Assistant Nitin Yadav

At IMPRINT AI LLC, Nitin is the mentor for technology. Nitin’s enthusiasm for innovation and technology, backed by more than 16 years of experience, has aided the business in imagining cutting-edge commercial accomplishments. In top management positions in both the US and India, he has worked for a number of technology-based startups and MNCs like Microsoft, Talisma, and Here.

Mentor Bhushan Patil

The team is given the necessary impetus to always explore, create, and deliver because to Bhushan’s unequalled love for new technology and concepts. He is a partner at Multiply Ventures, a VC firm. He has significant positions including President of Paytm and Director of Alibaba International Business, adding to his extensive and diversified experience.

The IIT/IIM alumni-led IMPRINT AI LLC is a Delaware-based SaaS product firm with a passion for employing technology to address customers’ actual challenges in this rapidly changing global environment.

Imprint AI is for you if you’re looking to streamline the labour equation. Imprint AI is a potent end-to-end workforce management solution that is primarily focused on improving your workforce management, boosting productivity, and automating time-consuming manual operations.

Imprint AI’s cutting-edge tracking system does much more than just monitor coordinates. Smart modules from Imprint AI can be used to lessen a business’s or an individual’s workload. Imprint AI has tailored features for all the different businesses, from banks and NBFCs to telecom corporations, pharmaceutical firms, FMGCs, diagnostic labs, and pay wallets.

Regardless of the industry to which your business belongs, Imprint AI’s workforce automation solution has capabilities and a breadth that are incredibly varied and adaptable. The team’s main goal is to use technology to solve problems related to the area of workforce management. An element that is present in all endeavours is workforce management. By making use of the power of cutting-edge technology, Imprint AI acts as a tool for innovation and elevation in the personnel management area.

Imprint AI is an intelligent workforce automation tool that combines the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), and machine learning (ML). By serving as a tool to cut down on manual duties, guarantee optimal time management, and enhance overall efficiency & productivity, it benefits managers and the field workers. Simply put, Imprint AI is for you if you want to conduct business in a smarter way, regardless of your industry.

When a person is able to comprehend the clever characteristics that a powerful tool like Imprint AI has to offer, it becomes even more effective. Imprint AI has a wide range of capabilities and a variety of industry-specific facets.

Imprint already includes a number of the best features, including lead management, expense management, knowledge base management, attendance tracking, and document management. A special video conferencing tool called DialTM is also available, allowing integrated digital communication. Additionally, the addition of these capabilities is all set to empower your workforce management with the power of automation and facilitate workforce management on a general level.

What has greater intrigue? It doesn’t end there. A number of intriguing developments are included in Imprint’s roadmap. The greatest and most recent workforce management solutions will be announced soon.

To know more about us, Visit www.imprintai.us and follow us @Imprintaillc on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram! We also have a youtube channel!! Lets get to know each other!



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