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We all know that a new start-up is launched every second, therefore as the creator of a startup, you understand how challenging scaling may be.

You may have a wonderful idea and maybe a few clients, but you just cant seem to move things forward.This could be due to a lack of technology or a lack of knowledge about the optimum location for possible investment.
As a result, startups seldom fail due to bad ideas. Its usually due to a lack of preparation,resources, or execution.

This is due to the fact that startups typically lack the personnel and financial resources that larger organisations do. Acquiring and managing customers is a challenge while all energies and resources in a startup are focused on product development and other tasks. Automation acts as this missing piece in the puzzle!

“It takes money to make money,” says an old adage. In order to grow into a larger company, one must have access to large-scale resources. The issue is that there isn’t enough money, personnel, or other resources to achieve them.

This is when automation enters the picture. Automation can be defined as a technology that involves conducting a process using programmed commands and automatic feedback control to guarantee that the instructions are followed correctly. The end result is a system that can function without the need for manual efforts or much human interaction.

The following are some of the advantages that automation provides to startups:

1) It saves you time

The majority of consumers consider the time savings to be the most important benefit. In some places, you should theoretically be able to quadruple your output by automating manual tasks.

2) Enhances communication

It’s tough to find the correct information you need when data is distributed across several systems or isn’t up to date. Communication between departments is streamlined thanks to automation. Client communication is also managed with ease by using a workforce automation solution, that can handle all channels of customer engagement, leads and orders.

3) Develops a set of standard operating


Standardization across the board is now an easily attainable goal thanks to automation technology. As a result, you won’t have to deal with nearly as many missed tasks and procedural troubles as startups do in their early stages of development.

4) It gives you more visibility

Automation technologies improve visibility into your business’s operations by centralising data in a way that allows you to see what’s going on.

5) Better utilisation of human resources

What automation really accomplishes is help businesses to make better use of their human resources and provide staff with more interesting and productive tasks. Instead of doing monotonous, repetitive activities over and over, your staff can accomplish things that make them look forward to coming to work every day.

6) Insights and data are excellent

Finally, automation technology provides greater data and insights to your firm that aren’t always available when doing things manually. As a consequence, you’ll have a greater understanding of efficiencies, be able to spot areas for development, and learn more about your clients & their preferences


Imprint AI is for you if you’re looking for a way to simplify the workforce equation. Imprint AI is a comprehensive end-to-end sales force management solution that focuses on improving workforce management, increasing efficiency, and automating time-consuming manual processes.

Imprint AI’s powerful location intelligence goes well beyond simply tracking coordinates. Imprint AI offers smart modules that help a company or an individual reduce their daily workload, while improving productivity of the entire team. Imprint AI has specialised features to cater to a range of industries, from banks and NBFCs to telecom corporations, pharmaceutical companies, FMGCs, diagnostic labs, and pay wallets.

The Imprint AI workforce automation solution has capabilities and scope that are incredibly wide and flexible, regardless of which niche your business is in. The team’s main purpose is to deliver technical solutions to problems related to workforce management. Enhanced workforce management is a feature that is present in all endeavours. Imprint AI innovates and elevates the element of workforce management by leveraging the power of cutting-edge technologies. The following are some of the highlights of what Imprint AI has to offer:

1) In-built Video-conferencing

Imprint boasts of an integrated video conferencing solution powered by AI and machine learning. DialTM is adaptive, powerful, and secure, and ir takes care of all of your internal team video calls and remote client collaborations. DialTM provides a great interface for a hassle-free, seamless connection, whether you’re in a team meeting or a client meeting. It is equipped with features to improve your convenience and combat weak connectivity. Furthermore, the data security is unrivalled.

2) Lead Management.

When it comes to any business, one of the most difficult areas to master is lead management. The aspect of lead management gets a lot easier with the powerful technology that Imprint AI is equipped with. Imprint AI allows users to manage leads in a much more straightforward manner.

Imprint AI has the ability to manage the lead cycle in its entirety, from start to finish. Imprint guarantees that follow-up reminders, dialogues, and stakeholder visibility are all done on schedule. There’s no way you’ll miss another lead with Imprint AI. In addition, the full history of the leads will be kept organised, allowing the concerned team to engage with clients more effectively. With IMPRINT AI, field agents and managers may easily access all client data, order history as well as complete overview of all leads, from a single dashboard.

3) VOIP calling capability with power dialler

With this function, the sales staff is given a dedicated number to use for inbound and outbound calls. This feature gives the consumer a distinct identification and aids in the segmentation of the customer’s profile. In Imprint, a VOIP calling function with a power dialler, can be used to capture leads. Customers from all over the world will receive prompt service. In addition, all client and sales agent communications are documented and kept on file for audits and future reference. It also ensures that no leads or client relationships are lost as a result of the high churn rate of sales agents, as all information is always available in the central database.

4) Social Media Fetch

Imprint’s social media fetch is a brand new feature. One of the most significant issues is that when someone needs information about a potential or new client, they must methodically go through all social network accounts. All information about an individual’s social handles may be accessible in the Imprint app, making customer engagement even more convenient. With Imprint, you can be better prepared for critical meetings and everyday client visits by having all of the necessary information about a client ahead of time.

What could be more exciting than that? But that’s not all. Imprint has a roadmap that includes a variety of intriguing new features. Keep an eye out for the best and most recent developments in workforce automation. Get your demo today:-

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